A Letter to Mum

How many people do you know that would think it fun to help you assemble bunk beds at 10pm of a Saturday night because it’s nice to do things together. Not many right?!

Not only will she drop anything she has on if one of her friends and family needs her, she seems to have this sixth sense of when they do (Or maybe it’s because she calls us all so many throughout the day). 

When they do need her, you can guarantee her life is on hold until you are ok without her and those hugs whether you want one or not you’re getting one. You know those hugs, the ones that make you cry a little more if your upset but comfort you at the same time because it’s her hugging you. 

How could she not be my best friend?! We’ve been through everything together and she’s always there to offer wise words.

Who do you know that calls you every time they’re shopping to see if you need anything at all ‘just incase’.

She does all this without one moan or complaint. She is the most selfless person I know. She does it all out of pure love for the people around her. 

For me and my brothers family is and will always be everything because you brought us up that way.

I really hope she knows how much love we all have for her. (Even though we all still get grounded for six months). 

I just hope I’ve been as good a friend to you as you have to me.

Mum you’re my everything and always will be 

I love you & Happy Mother’s Day


To all the mums out there, Happy Mother’s Day! You’re amazing! X


3 thoughts on “A Letter to Mum

  1. Pauline

    What a beautiful tribute to a mother from her loving family . I am happy to say I know this mother. ,and may I add that her kindness love and friendship extends outside her home to her friends and neighbours ,so Anne have a wonderful time with your family you truly deserve it love you lots Pauline xxx

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