Danish Skincare Haul

So I popped over to visit the brother for the weekend, he brought the mother over too with it being Mother’s Day and all. We all had a great time. I’ll pop up a blog about Copenhagen soon and what you should check out when there. Right now I want to focus on skincare. While there I wanted to pick up some Danish skincare to try. I wasn’t let down with my choices. The Danes  make great skincare. See my reviews below.

Irmas – Organic Face Cream (Paraben Free)

The first thing you notice about this cream is the smell. It contains extracts of cloudberries. (I hadn’t a clue either) After a quick Google I found out they are a native herb of alpine forest – how fancy! 

The cream has a lovely light texture that doesn’t overload the skin. As a psoriasis sufferer seeing aloe vera on a label makes my skin smile! This very affordable face cream left a light lasting impression. It’s left my skin feeling soft and fresh. 

Price: Can’t remember exactly the face cream and 2 of same brand lip balms cost about €14 (I mean c’mon, how affordable is that?!)

Where to buy: Irma stores Denmark

Irmas – Organic Lipbalm (Paraben Free)

After struggling somewhat to get some lip balm out of the tube this glided on the lips very easily. Don’t think of this as a lip balm think of it as a lip moisturiser. It wasn’t sticky or gloopy, it was creamy and a little went a long way.

If your looking to give your lips a bit of TLC this is for you! We all know the benefits aloe vera has on the skin. 

Price: Can’t remember exactly the face cream and 2 of same brand lip balms cost about €14 (I mean c’mon, how affordable is that?!)

Where to buy: Irma stores Denmark

Rudolph- Facial Mist – Certified Organic 

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should @melkcon) you’ll know this little beauty got me through a very sleepy flight. This mist is perfect to keep you hydrated when your feeling a little tired. Two sprays is enough for the entire face so this 30ml will last a long time. It’s also perfect size to fit in those small airport liquid bags.

Price: €11.42

Where to buy: rudolphcare.dk (I got mine in Copenhagen airport)

Tromborg – Eye Gel

I’m a sucker for packaging and I loved the simplicity of the Tromborg brand’s packaging, so well done them! This eye gel smells beautiful. I love it’s thick consistency, see below 

A little goes a long way. A few dabs with the ring finger is all that’s needed. My eyes soaked this stuff up. I keep mine in the fridge and it’s super refreshing when you pop a few dabs on in the morning. Wakes the skin right up. It’s my new favourite eye gel!

Price: €39

Where to buy: tromborg.com (I got mine in Copenhagen airport)

Nilens Jord – Face Oil (Perfume & Paraben Free)

For those of you that don’t know me, I love oils. I don’t believe a skincare regime is complete if it hasn’t started with an oil. Face oil or body oil I love them all. I was really excited to try this, not only is it allergy certified (my skin thanks you!) it also contains apricot and argan. I’ve used this at night and woken up to beautiful supple skin. 

Price: €34

Where to buy: nilensjord.dk 

Matas – Argan Face Oil

Matas is a shop like boots in Denmark. This was on the cheaper side for facial oils but I said I’d give it a shot. It smells incredible. The packaging has a spray pump which is unusual for facial oils. The oil was quite thick which I wasn’t expecting. It has argan and vitamin E which are great for the skin. This would definitely be a nighttime face oil as it’s quite thick. I would love to try the body oil from the same brand. 

Price: €8

Where to buy: Matas stores Denmark 


A Letter to Mum

How many people do you know that would think it fun to help you assemble bunk beds at 10pm of a Saturday night because it’s nice to do things together. Not many right?!

Not only will she drop anything she has on if one of her friends and family needs her, she seems to have this sixth sense of when they do (Or maybe it’s because she calls us all so many throughout the day). 

When they do need her, you can guarantee her life is on hold until you are ok without her and those hugs whether you want one or not you’re getting one. You know those hugs, the ones that make you cry a little more if your upset but comfort you at the same time because it’s her hugging you. 

How could she not be my best friend?! We’ve been through everything together and she’s always there to offer wise words.

Who do you know that calls you every time they’re shopping to see if you need anything at all ‘just incase’.

She does all this without one moan or complaint. She is the most selfless person I know. She does it all out of pure love for the people around her. 

For me and my brothers family is and will always be everything because you brought us up that way.

I really hope she knows how much love we all have for her. (Even though we all still get grounded for six months). 

I just hope I’ve been as good a friend to you as you have to me.

Mum you’re my everything and always will be 

I love you & Happy Mother’s Day


To all the mums out there, Happy Mother’s Day! You’re amazing! X

Quick hello..

I’m Mel, welcome to my first post on my first blog ever!!! I’m very excited altogether. I love all things fashion and beauty and I thought why not write about it. In this blog you will find my honest opinion on beauty and skincare products and treatments. Having psoriasis for over 17 years it’s always been a bit tricky to find what works for me but I will share that here. Remember what works for me may not for you so always keep that in mind. I love to cook and travel too so I will share any tips or great recipes I have. You may even hear from my 2 pooches about ‘their’ (mine really) opinion on some dog products and services. I really hope you enjoy reading and feel free to post in the comment below. 

Mel x